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Eddy Nguyen

About me

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I was born in Vietnam and now living in Melbourne, Australia.

I love web technologies. Building things with Node.js, React, GraphQL and TypeScript keeps me happy.

I sometimes write down my learnings in blog posts.

I travel, snowboard and hunt for new brunch places when I manage to break away from my desk.

The path I took

Senior Software Engineer
September 2018 - now
Key skills: 
React, GraphQL, TypeScript, Golang, PHP
I came to 99designs looking for new challenges. Innovations are encouraged and it helped build a culture that makes 99designs the world-class company it is today. I love the chance to work within a dynamic team to build exciting projects in React, GraphQL, PHP, Go and many more.
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Gloria Jean's Coffees
June 2017 - July 2020
Key skills: 
Business Management, How to make kick-ass coffee ;)
Like a lot of developers, coffee is the beverage of choice to keep me going. I was always intrigued by the process of making coffee, hence when my brother said he wanted a business partner for a coffee shop, I did not hesitate to join. This is where I got exposure to business management concepts and practices. Not only that, I also learnt how to make the latte that could satisfy my cafeine cravings along the way.
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Web developer / Tech Lead
June 2012 - August 2018
Key skills: 
HTML5, CSS, PHP, jQuery, React, Redux
Mycause provided a lot of interesting challenges at the start of my career. I was part of a tight-knit team to deliver online fundraising solutions to the Australian market. This is where I developed my techinical skills such as React, Redux, GraphQL, PHP and MySql while working in a high-pressured environment. When I was promoted to Tech Lead in 2015, I took on more responsibilities to manage other team members, liaise with partners and drive the techincal aspects of the business. I continue to take the lessons that I have learnt at Mycause with me to this day
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